Plasmid DNA purification and analysis

Workshop “Plasmid DNA purification and its analysis by agarose electrophoresis”

The essence of the matter: Plasmid DNA purification from bacterial cells using lysis by alkali with following visualization and analysis of the DNA using horizontal electrophoresis in agarose gel

Application in photosynthesis and photobiotechnology: Multi-purpose genetic method, general application in photosynthesis and photobiotechnology for gene cloning, modification and expression.

Details: Bacterial cells containing plasmids will be recovered by centrifugation and lysed by alkali for plasmid purification from genome DNA and RNA. Promega’s Kit Wizard Plus Minipreps Plasmid purification system will be used. Then 1% agarose gel and correspondent buffer for electrophoresis will be prepared. After horizontal electrophoresis in agarose gel plasmid DNA will be stained by ethidium bromide. BioTest.program will be used for visualization and analysis of the resulting DNA .

For contacts: PhD Vasilieva L.G., (4967)73-26-80