Following methods will be covered during the Photobiology School:

  • Determination of photosynthesis rate by polarographic oxygen measurement method;
  • Western blot analysis (immunoblotting);
  • Computational workshop on homology modeling of protein structure;
  • Plasmid DNA purification and its analysis by agarose electrophoresis;
  • Real-time polymerase chain reaction (rtPCR) or quantitative PCR (qPCR);
  • Methods of detection of reactive oxygen species (ROS) level, in particular, hydrogen peroxide, in biological objects (higher plants) and in different solutions;
  • Rapid gas–liquid partition chromatography (GLPC) method for determination of acetate, propionate, butyrate and isobutyrate in cultural medium;
  • Measurements of photosynthetic activity of higher plants by the method of Pulse Amplitude Modulation fluorimetry;
  • Spectroscopy of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR);
  • Analysis of pigment composition of photosynthetic organisms using High-performance liquid chromatography.