Center of Science and Education at the Institiute of basic biological problems of Russian Academy of Sciences invites MD students, PhD students, and young scientists (up to 35 years old, but without PhD degree) to the School “Experimental methods for Photosynthesis and Photobiotechnology”. The School will be held June, 26–29, 2017 in Pushchino, Russia.
The aim of the School is to promote an interest among young people to the research in Photosynthesis and Photobiotechnology area.

The structure of the school is planned as follow:
2 days of lectures of famous Russian and foreign scientists in the field of Photosynthesis and Photobiology. 2 days of practice in different experimental methods used in the field.

Information for students
How to get financial support:

Step 1: Registration. Visit the site, click Registration button and fill out the Form.
Step 2: When Organizers inform you about acceptance of the Registration From contact them and ask about possibilities of financial support.
Step 3: When organizers grant you the financial support, be ready to fill and sign the Agreement with organizers. After you sign the Agreement, organizers provide you with round trip tickets and take care of your staying with meals in Pushchino.
Step 4: Visit and participate actively in the school.